Counting down... very soon, new services for the KDE community will be launched here. Stay tuned! The name is only a temporary alias so that the work in progress can be examined from time to time.

News, 09.01.2006: A hotstuff server instance together with DXS has been installed. Some test data will be imported soon. The SOAP access point is at

News, 10.02.2006: Public releases of the Hotstuff and Commitfilter code have happened. That was a lot of work behind the scenes. I hope to be able whip up the webpages now during OSWC!

News, 06.04.2006: GHNS repositories online on this server! Welcome GGZ Community and Pyntor components repository.

News, 22.01.2007: A few weeks ago, the KDE Commitfilter moved to this server. The KStuff webpages will follow soon (after they're being redone).

News, 16.03.2007: The kdedata repository has been created as a permanent source for the experimental Hotstuff-driven KDE-Edu download site. Since DXS-Perl was merged into Hotstuff, find the new SOAP endpoint here.